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Termist INOVA – Osijek 2010 :

plastic is our world


Osijek INOVA 2010

INOVA ® since 1971. assembles the latest in inventive work. INOVA ® is a mover and a symbol of innovation in our country but also abroad through the gathering, promotion and presentation of Croatian and hundreds of thousands of foreign inventions. The largest number of its publications INOVA ® is experienced in Zagreb. This year INOVA ® is implemented in Osijek, a city with a long industrial tradition and innovative. In addition to an exhibition of innovations and Exhibitions titled Croatian inventors through history (in cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office), this year held in Osijek exhibition EEN successful cases of technology and the commercialization of innovative products and services, bilateral business talks between Croatian and Hungarian companies (PRE-MU-DRA Connection to the Pampas), a competition for the best business plan, and the competition in the category of robots / models / maquettes. Important elements of the exhibition are a review of institutions supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial academy. The main theme of the Entrepreneurial Academy in 2010. year is: GREEN – environmental protection in the business.


Gold medal for CROFENDER